CPHI Frankfurt part II

So we reached Brussels early in the morning. The flight was comfortable and I mostly slept through the night. And soon it was morning and we were in Brussels. Missed my breakfast coffee though,  as I was waiting near the washroom and as a result was not on my seat.

There was a two hour layover in Brussels. We quickly finished immigration. So passport stamping was done at Brussels,  so we exited out directly at Frankfurt.  As I was at Brussels airport,

I suddenly remembered our Sunday afternoon Belgian chocolates ice ream.. Struck me that Belgian chocolates are so famous… Wanted to buy some.. Quickly Googled and found out that Godiva and neuhaus are some of the best luxury chocolate brands.. Immeditely purchased one each for A and K.

This is something I read somewhere.  When traveling if u come across something you like.. Buy it  ASAP.. Don’t keep for later.

Then we boarded the flight for frankfurt. We were here in less than an hour.  And then we stepped to the car hire company on the airport itself.

We picked up our rental car from the airport and drove towards Messe exhibition centre.  Entered the exhibition centre and met dks there.

Oh and BTW I backed out the car from airport parking… Yaay me!!!

The weather in Frankfurt is absolutely awesome..  So cold an crisp. And everyone looking so good in  chic winter clothes.. Bravo!!


CPHI Frankfurt – My Journey-at the airport

Today on the 22nd of October,  I am sitting at Gate 76 at the international airport in Mumbai.. waiting to board my flight to Brussels and thereon to Frankfurt.  I  am on my way to attend the CPHI world wide exhibition at Frankfurt.  The show is from 24th to 26th and I will be back on 28th.

This is my second year at the show.  Last year I went to Barcelona… I did not realize but somehow from childhood… I have always wanted this… I remember  the term cphi frankfurt so well.  Guess I am lucky Continue reading



Went off fantastically.

I am writing this down so it will be useful for others as well.

The nandi began post 10.00 am based on the Rahu Kaalam for the day (Saturday). The parents are not supposed to eat breakfast that day.

Basically, the Nandi function is to appease our forefathers- forefathers on the husband’s side-the patriarchial line.

So first abhinav entered the hall in kurta pyjama…then he changed into an ‘otta mundu’. There is NO homam on Nandi day…several mantras are read and pooja is done. Nandi day, there is abhisekham. After Abhisekham, Abhinav changed into another otta mundu. Then parents have to wash feet of 10 brahmins and give them daanam. The daanam is typically veshti and panch paatra udrani. Then parents-mother and grand mother and other ladies in madisaar have to serve food (parmaari) to the brahmins. Once they have eaten to their satisfaction, there is ashirvadms, – the gifts of maternal grandparents and mama is given.

Once that is done, Nandi is over.

Nandi went off well. Food was good.

After Nandi, we hung around in the hall for sometime. Then people headed home. Paati, Daadu, Mala athai and the Chembur gang came to Lokhandwala home. We dropped Priya, Pushkala, Kunju at the accommodation that had been arranged.

In the meantime, we asked Bengali decorator to arrange music system and mike. We were playing songs from peoples’ mobiles. Coffee had started….and the waiting for people to come….

#abhinavspoonal -The Celebrations Begin – Mangli Pondugal 29/01/2016

So, OK…we are in the midst of one of the biggest events we have organised- our son- abhinav’s poonal. I think we took it on as a project..I dont know..I can’t believe it’s happening. Dear God, please shower your blessings on Abhinav and Kaamya. Let everything be well, exceptional and excellent. We have immense faith in you, but sometimes, we don’t express  it.. but i am sure you understand.

Abhinav’s poonal functions started today. We had sumangali praarthanai at home. No one from Marol or my family could make it. My in-laws side was there. Annapoorni mami and periyamma came a day earlier. They helped considerably in everything. One cook- Sankaran did the honors. He did a great job.

Roopa came with Shankar mama and mami…things went well.. I have packed, planned and written everything. God, with your blessings everything will go well.

In the mangali pondugal, we were 4 sumangalis and 1 kanya ponn (Kaamya).

Signing off now as i rememered that i have to apply mehendi.

Signing off with hope, faith and prayers to you, oh Lord!



2015 – the Year that Was….

January 1st 2015 to 31st December 2015- where did the time go? As I sit and write this at 11.00 pm on 31st December 2015, I am acutely aware of the fact that 2015 is getting over in 50 minutes.

2015 was a good year in many ways. Life, as we know is a mix of joy and sorrow, excitement and routine, and positive and negative. But then hey, I have decided to focus on the positive…but everything has 2 sides. And at the end of the day, it is better to think of happy memories.

So in a nutshell, here are the high points of 2015 – the year that was

Thathi’s 100th birthday – my dear dear grandmother turned 100 this January and there was a grand get together in Chennai. I think we are one of the few families who genuinely love each other and really get along. What a wonderful celebration it was.

In April, we moved back to Mumbai. Yes, we were not very happy about it. Bangalore was wonderful, a lovely home, lovely weather, independent life…and so much for the kids to do. But Mumbai is good too. so many opportunities. I git back to my fitness classes.

We got admission for Abhinav and Kaamya in Manecjee Cooper- one of the best schools in Mumbai….

I got back to work in May. I may not be doing great, or earning the highest..but i am happy with what I am doing. Best of all, I love to get dressed and go to work. I got an increment more than what was promised and I am elated.

I n September, I joined the Lokhandwala Running Club- a challenge to run to prepare for the SCMM. I always wanted to run…but never did it…now I do..I can. I love running. I can run upto 10k. One of the biggest goals in 2016 will be to be more physically active. I know now it’s possible. I know now I CAN do it. This has been truly one of my personal high points in 2015.

Another high point of course is Anand’s new job. I am so happy for him. He is moving into a leadership role, will have people under him..and so forth…

Kids growing up..Abhinav in football, Kaamya in guitar and music…

2 lovely mini breaks – Prakruti Resorts in August and Mahabaleshwar in December.

A rocking house New years Eve bash…

My cup runneth over…I have had the best year ever and I know 2016 will be super awesome…

love to all, especially family – mom, dad, P, R. Amma, Appa, M ….

This is me signing off.




My Son the Writer… A Moment of Pride for the Mother

They say motherhood is all about new experiences, learning new things every single day. (I really don’t know who the ‘they’ are, but it is quite true). I remember reading once on a billboard in Lokhandwala- “the mother is born when the child is”. I thought that quite silly, after all the mother is at least (hopefully) 21 years of age. And then there was the bright spark of illumination over my head. A mother is indeed born when the child is. Before that she is a daughter, sister, friend, daughter-in-law, wife and so much more. But not a mother. Not even during those 9 months of pregnancy is she the mother. But the moment the screaming, kicking, unclothed mini human being comes out from you, your world is transformed forever. You are a mother.

I have been a mother for the past 6 odd years. Each day brings fun and frustration, unlimited mirth and sometimes untold misery,  my children make me pull my hair, but are also the very center of my existence.  When Abhinav and Kaamya, achieved their little milestones, i definitely felt pride. But a recent event made me so proud. Now i understand how my parents felt (or continue to feel) over the smallest of my achievements, even if it is managing my home, which my mom say i do it perfectly. Thanks mom, u r my inspiration.

OK, so what did Abhinav do? He wrote a letter to me and Anand. A letter so perfect in meaning and so touching that I cannot quite believe he has done it. I shall of course upload a scanned copy of the letter. It will be one of my most priced possessions. But when I read it, I could not but wonder when did my baby grow up? Is this the boy who once smeared kaajal all over his face? Is this the boy who would eat only pam and keerai?  Is this the boy who would just say mmammaa and smile? Now he actually understands and is able to write meaningful letters. I am touched and so proud. He is growing up. One day i may have to let go. But till then, I am holding on tight.

I don’t know if he wants to be a writer. But I am happy he knows to express himself. Or am I secretly happy that he may take after me his mom and his thathi, bothe writers? Or am i just over the moon because of his loving message. And the fact that he included Kaamya’s name in it?

Whatever the reason, I am happy. I am proud. And this is the first of the many moments of pride I will experience, I am sure of that. Abhinav and Kaamya will make me proud. Love you both and God bless you.



A New Life..A New Beginning.. Initial Experiences in Bangalore

First of all, and I can’t resist saying this..why a new beginning? Aren’t all beginnings new? I mean, they are new, that’s why they are beginnings. Be that as it may, coming directly to the subject of this post – our initial experiences in Bangalore.

We came to Bangalore on 10th April via Indigo flight and landed at around 12 noon. A had arranged a car and directly we came to our new home – Shriram Samruddhi Apartments – D 803. Never in my life had I thought I would ever move out of Mumbai. And here I am writing this post from a new (barely furnished, make that zero furnished) home in Whitefields in Bangalore.

At Bangalore airport

At Bangalore airport

Life indeed is what happens when you are planning other things.

Getting Home-Ready

My biggest issue was the dust and dirt in the house. A locked house naturally accumulates dust. I wanted someone from house-keeping for cleaning. Someone called Chandru did. And he did what he could and ran away promising to come back the day after (Friday) with a cleaning lady in tow. And today is Friday. Friday came, but Chandru did not. It might be of interest (to the 2 out 3 people who are the only readers of this blog, including you, ma, my most loyal and only regular reader) that he charged Rs 300 for this job. A had told me to give Rs 100. So who said labor is cheap in Bangalore?

Getting Appliance Ready

So we did our first major actual shopping. Earlier all our shopping was always over and above the basics. Now we were shopping for the basics. Starting from broom to pochcha kapda  to pril to harpic to refrigerator to washing machine, we brought it all and of course buckets. But then we forgot mugs and got them the next day. The appliances were delivered the day after. They sat there for a day, because we wanted the company representative to tell us how to use them. And that happened today (12/04/2013). As of today, we are proud owners (and operators) of LG washing machine and LG refrigerator (both with 10 year warranty).  Our refrigerator seems hi-tech, with separate special storage area for fruits (so we should stock up on fruits, no excuses) and cut vegetables..(aha… the best friend of the working woman, who cuts her vegetables, or rather gets them cut in advance).

Getting Kids Ready

I never thought I would say this, but the kids have been as good as gold. They are so excited and keep playing some silly game or the other. One good thing to emerge out of this is that they are eating everything now. Today lunch, for instance was peas pulao and daal. And both had it. Yesterday, it was just tairchaadam and tokku, and they enjoyed every bit of it. And for breakfast, Abhinac has started eating bread with sides. Also he has started eating badam. As always with Kaamya, it is still a struggle, but I am sure she will come around.

And the kids have been having a gala time with all the big cartons delivered with the fridge. They made it their home, were sitting in it and rolling in it. The magic and innocence of childhood…..

Inside the carton home

Inside the carton home


The Maid Hunt

Ah..Pinky…I will never get anyone like her. Because the only one like Pinky is Pinky. Having said that, I need a maid. Talked to a Bengali lady (incidentally, there is a preponderance of Bengali maids here) What’s her name now..Adhori..She seems OK. Lets see now…

Timepass, Activities Etc

It is amazing how time is actually passing without the TV. If someone had told just 2 days ago that life without TV is possible, I would not have believed him/her. But apparently it happens. And there is a wonderful play area in the podium at first floor level. Yesterday, we were there for 1.5 hours. Should spend more time today. Hopefully will get to know people and figure out if there are exciting classes/activities for kids. Heard some buzz about karate, swimming etc. Need to figure out.

Knowing the Neighbors

Thanks to Kaamya being thirsty, and no water at home and no water in the complex store, I knocked on our neighbor’s door for water. Discovered that they have 2 kids – a boy and girl, both younger than A and K and going to VIBGYOR. There are tons of kids here. Should not be difficult to make friends.

Also discovered one Raji who gives home food..tiffin and all…


Looks like stay in Bangalore will be fun. Watch this space for more..