Life is Good

What’s not to like about life? There is love, happiness, laughter, friends and family.
And there’s exercise in the morning. Truly exercise releases endorphins making me (us) feel good about myself (ourselves). I would urge everyone to indulge in some form of exercise everyday.

And i would also always recommend a positive frame of mind. Nothing beats positivity. The fact is no problem/issue/difficulty is insurmountable. Everything has a solution and can be resolved. Or it wont matter so much few hours/days down the line.

Of course, I also have a lot to work on. But then the idea of writing this is to once again to focus on my blessings and remind myself how lucky I am. Coz lucky I am!!

Keep rocking everyone!!


Life is a Full Circle- Meeting Pinky and her Baby

What goes around comes around, time waits for no one, it passes on and things happen. Things, which at one point seemed a long way off in the future, are suddenly there right in front of you. You look back realize with a start – “Whoa, time has passed indeed!”.

What seems now like a million years ago, I had once remarked to Pinky, ” And one day we’ll come to see your baby”. She had laughed, I had laughed and that’s it. And today in 222nd September 2018, me, Abhinav, Kaamya and the MIL went and did exactly that. (Not laughed, but saw Pinky’s four month old baby).

Say hello to Ms, Tanyashree. She’s so cute. It was great meeting all of them. Of course Vaishali made pattice, cheese balls, dahi vada, as always. But the kids have grown up. They weren’t so talktative as they used to be. Of course they were thrilled with Ms. T. A was more interested in coming back in time to his match.

We made one mistake- went by car all the way to Madh. Best way is to go by boat from Versova. Road distance is too much and being a Saturday night, traffic was too much. While coming back, Abhinav and I came by boat. K and Paati came by car.

What a heart if gold K has!! Unselfishly, came with paati though she would be stuck in traffic.

SO yeah.. that’s that….Time goes on….


all of us



London : The Journey Begins

So finally, the day of May 17th dawned bright and clear.  Well!! Duh!! It’s Mumbai and its May. It’s bound to be bright and clear. As always, the last day at work was hectic.

The best part of last day at work (I wish) for me is always putting the out of office message in the email. That done and ticked, only thing left to do was pick up the bag and move. And that I did.

Anand came to pick me up and woohoo..vacation started. Reached home,completed few pending chores, last minute shopping !! (as usual) and we were ready to go. Had to leave  home at 12.30. Tried to sleep a bit..but kids were too excited. Ended up being awake mostly. Left on time and reached the airport early.

All formalities completed and we were waiting, waiting waiting. We were to fly Emirates with their A 380 airplane.

Finally boarded. Everything was just super awesome. Only thing i felt that the in-flight entertainment options were limited, but then, maybe that was just a personal thing.

We were on board and flyingggggg!!! London Tumakda…..


When we Went to London and Other Stories

Hello, hello!!

First of all this post is two months overdue. We came back from London on 3rd June and I am starting this on 1st August. Well, better late than never.

So it was our first Europe trip as a family. We booked the tickets ages and ages in advance. A funny story that. We booked the tickets and realized..oops kids passports are expiring. That’s another whole story which I’ll write about another day!!

Getting Ready

Deciding a destination to visit is only one part of the story. The next is the most difficult part- planning an itenary. Where to visit, which are the must-see places, and so on. It really is nerve wracking. And at the same time you want to be sure that you are not missing out anything. You really need to spend hours and hours on research. Well, I did just that. Reached out to travel group – Girls Love Travel, spoke to people who have visited these places, researched for hours online and finally came up with half a plan.

architecture booth buildings bus

Photo by Burst on

All bookings were done. We were particularly excited about Scotland. We had heard and (seen on the Internet) that its a beautiful place. We did all bookings- accommodation and sight seeing on our own. Went frugal and decided on Travelodge at Edinburgh. Side Note: Edinburgh is my most favourite place on earth. Wanna go there again. Wanna stay in a home in the Highlands. But that’s a story for another day.

And in London, of course, we were to stay with Prabha and Kannan and spend a weekend with Davy. See, I use the term in past tense. Meaning the schedule was reversed. We spent 4 days with Prabha and Kannan and more time with Davy. This was because of an outbreak of chicken pox at Prabha’s. Nevertheless, it was great fun. And because of this, we got to experience UK Indian hospitality at a totally different level and at the homes of veritable strangers!! Shout out to Sudha and Harish in Woking,,Woo HOOO!!

End of the post for today. From next post, we explore the journey and the trip itself.









CPHI Frankfurt part II

So we reached Brussels early in the morning. The flight was comfortable and I mostly slept through the night. And soon it was morning and we were in Brussels. Missed my breakfast coffee though,  as I was waiting near the washroom and as a result was not on my seat.

There was a two hour layover in Brussels. We quickly finished immigration. So passport stamping was done at Brussels,  so we exited out directly at Frankfurt.  As I was at Brussels airport,

I suddenly remembered our Sunday afternoon Belgian chocolates ice ream.. Struck me that Belgian chocolates are so famous… Wanted to buy some.. Quickly Googled and found out that Godiva and neuhaus are some of the best luxury chocolate brands.. Immeditely purchased one each for A and K.

This is something I read somewhere.  When traveling if u come across something you like.. Buy it  ASAP.. Don’t keep for later.

Then we boarded the flight for frankfurt. We were here in less than an hour.  And then we stepped to the car hire company on the airport itself.

We picked up our rental car from the airport and drove towards Messe exhibition centre.  Entered the exhibition centre and met dks there.

Oh and BTW I backed out the car from airport parking… Yaay me!!!

The weather in Frankfurt is absolutely awesome..  So cold an crisp. And everyone looking so good in  chic winter clothes.. Bravo!!

CPHI Frankfurt – My Journey-at the airport

Today on the 22nd of October,  I am sitting at Gate 76 at the international airport in Mumbai.. waiting to board my flight to Brussels and thereon to Frankfurt.  I  am on my way to attend the CPHI world wide exhibition at Frankfurt.  The show is from 24th to 26th and I will be back on 28th.

This is my second year at the show.  Last year I went to Barcelona… I did not realize but somehow from childhood… I have always wanted this… I remember  the term cphi frankfurt so well.  Guess I am lucky Continue reading



Went off fantastically.

I am writing this down so it will be useful for others as well.

The nandi began post 10.00 am based on the Rahu Kaalam for the day (Saturday). The parents are not supposed to eat breakfast that day.

Basically, the Nandi function is to appease our forefathers- forefathers on the husband’s side-the patriarchial line.

So first abhinav entered the hall in kurta pyjama…then he changed into an ‘otta mundu’. There is NO homam on Nandi day…several mantras are read and pooja is done. Nandi day, there is abhisekham. After Abhisekham, Abhinav changed into another otta mundu. Then parents have to wash feet of 10 brahmins and give them daanam. The daanam is typically veshti and panch paatra udrani. Then parents-mother and grand mother and other ladies in madisaar have to serve food (parmaari) to the brahmins. Once they have eaten to their satisfaction, there is ashirvadms, – the gifts of maternal grandparents and mama is given.

Once that is done, Nandi is over.

Nandi went off well. Food was good.

After Nandi, we hung around in the hall for sometime. Then people headed home. Paati, Daadu, Mala athai and the Chembur gang came to Lokhandwala home. We dropped Priya, Pushkala, Kunju at the accommodation that had been arranged.

In the meantime, we asked Bengali decorator to arrange music system and mike. We were playing songs from peoples’ mobiles. Coffee had started….and the waiting for people to come….