CPHI Frankfurt – My Journey-at the airport

Today on the 22nd of October,  I am sitting at Gate 76 at the international airport in Mumbai.. waiting to board my flight to Brussels and thereon to Frankfurt.  I  am on my way to attend the CPHI world wide exhibition at Frankfurt.  The show is from 24th to 26th and I will be back on 28th.

This is my second year at the show.  Last year I went to Barcelona… I did not realize but somehow from childhood… I have always wanted this… I remember  the term cphi frankfurt so well.  Guess I am luckythat I am able to  live out my dream…

Traveling alone gives you tons of confidence. The last Barcelona trip definitely helped.  This is part 2.,,..of course I miss Abhinav kaamya… But thats not the point of this blog.

The point of this blog is to record the travel l experiences.. With photos.  Right  now waiting for vishal and Sachin to join and KRS to join.  DkS has already reached Frankfurt.

Had so much fun shopping at M&S.. Second year in a row.. Bought lots of skirts… Yaay.. Also picked up few things from Promod

Beginning.. Airport chic with brand new haircut…

Just had information that rest of the gang is here.. Let me look for them.


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