Went off fantastically.

I am writing this down so it will be useful for others as well.

The nandi began post 10.00 am based on the Rahu Kaalam for the day (Saturday). The parents are not supposed to eat breakfast that day.

Basically, the Nandi function is to appease our forefathers- forefathers on the husband’s side-the patriarchial line.

So first abhinav entered the hall in kurta pyjama…then he changed into an ‘otta mundu’. There is NO homam on Nandi day…several mantras are read and pooja is done. Nandi day, there is abhisekham. After Abhisekham, Abhinav changed into another otta mundu. Then parents have to wash feet of 10 brahmins and give them daanam. The daanam is typically veshti and panch paatra udrani. Then parents-mother and grand mother and other ladies in madisaar have to serve food (parmaari) to the brahmins. Once they have eaten to their satisfaction, there is ashirvadms, – the gifts of maternal grandparents and mama is given.

Once that is done, Nandi is over.

Nandi went off well. Food was good.

After Nandi, we hung around in the hall for sometime. Then people headed home. Paati, Daadu, Mala athai and the Chembur gang came to Lokhandwala home. We dropped Priya, Pushkala, Kunju at the accommodation that had been arranged.

In the meantime, we asked Bengali decorator to arrange music system and mike. We were playing songs from peoples’ mobiles. Coffee had started….and the waiting for people to come….