#abhinavspoonal -The Celebrations Begin – Mangli Pondugal 29/01/2016

So, OK…we are in the midst of one of the biggest events we have organised- our son- abhinav’s poonal. I think we took it on as a project..I dont know..I can’t believe it’s happening. Dear God, please shower your blessings on Abhinav and Kaamya. Let everything be well, exceptional and excellent. We have immense faith in you, but sometimes, we don’t express ┬áit.. but i am sure you understand.

Abhinav’s poonal functions started today. We had sumangali praarthanai at home. No one from Marol or my family could make it. My in-laws side was there. Annapoorni mami and periyamma came a day earlier. They helped considerably in everything. One cook- Sankaran did the honors. He did a great job.

Roopa came with Shankar mama and mami…things went well.. I have packed, planned and written everything. God, with your blessings everything will go well.

In the mangali pondugal, we were 4 sumangalis and 1 kanya ponn (Kaamya).

Signing off now as i rememered that i have to apply mehendi.

Signing off with hope, faith and prayers to you, oh Lord!