My Son the Writer… A Moment of Pride for the Mother

They say motherhood is all about new experiences, learning new things every single day. (I really don’t know who the ‘they’ are, but it is quite true). I remember reading once on a billboard in Lokhandwala- “the mother is born when the child is”. I thought that quite silly, after all the mother is at least (hopefully) 21 years of age. And then there was the bright spark of illumination over my head. A mother is indeed born when the child is. Before that she is a daughter, sister, friend, daughter-in-law, wife and so much more. But not a mother. Not even during those 9 months of pregnancy is she the mother. But the moment the screaming, kicking, unclothed mini human being comes out from you, your world is transformed forever. You are a mother.

I have been a mother for the past 6 odd years. Each day brings fun and frustration, unlimited mirth and sometimes untold misery,  my children make me pull my hair, but are also the very center of my existence.  When Abhinav and Kaamya, achieved their little milestones, i definitely felt pride. But a recent event made me so proud. Now i understand how my parents felt (or continue to feel) over the smallest of my achievements, even if it is managing my home, which my mom say i do it perfectly. Thanks mom, u r my inspiration.

OK, so what did Abhinav do? He wrote a letter to me and Anand. A letter so perfect in meaning and so touching that I cannot quite believe he has done it. I shall of course upload a scanned copy of the letter. It will be one of my most priced possessions. But when I read it, I could not but wonder when did my baby grow up? Is this the boy who once smeared kaajal all over his face? Is this the boy who would eat only pam and keerai?  Is this the boy who would just say mmammaa and smile? Now he actually understands and is able to write meaningful letters. I am touched and so proud. He is growing up. One day i may have to let go. But till then, I am holding on tight.

I don’t know if he wants to be a writer. But I am happy he knows to express himself. Or am I secretly happy that he may take after me his mom and his thathi, bothe writers? Or am i just over the moon because of his loving message. And the fact that he included Kaamya’s name in it?

Whatever the reason, I am happy. I am proud. And this is the first of the many moments of pride I will experience, I am sure of that. Abhinav and Kaamya will make me proud. Love you both and God bless you.