Saying Goodbye to a Very Special Person…Pinky

It has been almost six years now since Pinky walked into my life. As i was grappling with looking after two six month olds, who would constantly cry, not feed, fall sick together Pinky came to me, recommended by someone who knew someone we knew. And just like matrimonial matches that are meant to be….this one was too…perfect and absolutely meant to be.

My  Lady Jeeves

My Lady Jeeves

I still remember thinking ‘Pinky’ is a too modern name for a Marathi girl. Later I came to know her name is Mangal and since everyone used to tease due to the movie “Mangal Pandey’, she changed it to Pinky. That’s the kind of girl she is, very proud and one that stands absolutely no nonsense from any one..anyone except her favorite Abhinav and Kaamya.

2012-07-14 10.37.40

When I first talked to her, I remember telling Pinky “pyaar se rehne ka bachchon ke saath”.  Really, I need not have bothered. She loves the kids and they adore her. All the time, they are like ‘didi, didi’ and half the time, they end up calling me didi. Didi also takes care of their studies (padai work), their dresses, their uniform, shoes and every little thing.

Pinky calls me didi . She has been truly a big strength for me. With her around, I never did have to bother about anything. She would even cook at times. When I took up Contentorial work, I can safely say i was able to commit well to it and achieve success only because she took care of the kids and a 100 other things.

Whenever Pinky is not there, things are haphazard. She does everything with precision and professionalism. As i leave for Bangalore, it is her that I will miss the most. It is easy for me to ask her to come with me. Actually, I did too. But she has her own reasons for not coming. And then I realized it is not fair that I ask her to come. She has her family and her future to think about.

Even if she would have agreed to come with me, it would have been very selfish on my part to take her. Just for my convenience, taking her is not right. I pray to God to give her the very best in life. Let her get a good job. She is bright and clever..let her get the right opportunities to move up in life. And eventually let her find love and happiness and everything else that she truly deserves.

Rarely in life you come across people who make an impact on you. A young 18 year old girl came into my life and changed it in many ways. I only hope her association with me has been beneficial to her in some ways too.

As I move on in life, I am sure I will get other maids to do things and take care of things. But there will be no one like Pinky, I am sure. The only one like Pinky is Pinky herself. God bless her and all the best to her.

Saying goodbye to special people  is indeed hard…..


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