Boy! What A Day at RTO

Boy! What a day it has been. I spent a lot of time at RTO today and am much wiser about the inner workings of the Regional Transport Office.

Firstly, it was a no-show by our Honda City smart card (RC book) that had us on the edge. It was more than a month since the card had been given to be transferred to my name and tensions were running high. We needed the card to effect transfer of the car. Countless calls to Ajit the agent and a fair number to Ashish, our car friend and SOS back ups to Pappa ensued. And finally the card arrived today.

Next step was the insurance and NOC for the car. Again have handed over card to Ajit and cheque for insurance. The NOC will hopefully come in a 2-3 days.

Then was the NOC for the Honda Activa. And then it was pointed out to me that the chassis area of the bike has totally rusted. So we need to apply for a new chassis number. Otherwise we will have a problem, registering the vehicle in Karnataka. Though the chassis number is present on the RC book, apparently, it has to be present on the vehicle on some part. So now again the processes for that are on. Once again, time is an issue. Why oh why does everything come together in a big rush at the end, giving so much stress and stuff.

And boy! what a day it has been….




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