The End of an Era…Last Day of Ashok Academy

Well, it happened today, folks. What I consider an epoch making moment in my small little world happened today. It is not something big and fancy which affected the world. No one even perhaps noticed it. But today for the last time, Abhinav and Kaamya went to their very first school Ashok Academy.

A and K in Ashok Academy Uniform

Next year new class, new school, new friends, new teachers…because it will be a new city…Bangalore.

We have had our shares of ups and downs with the school. Downs I will not mention because I would rather that those memories fade with time. But ups yes.. quite a few. The first time the kids started spending extended time away from home. From junior kg, the timing was 7:50 to 1:40. In fact this huge gap is what prompted me in the first place to look for work and today I have a fine writing career of my own.

Ashok Academy is a CBSE school. We chose it because it was close to our home and because we got admission there. We had our initial doubts, but along the way, we realized this was one of our best decisions. the kids have really evolved in the school. they have learned so much. I am happy.

Ashok Academy has given A and K 3 sports days and 2 annual days, monthly open house days and more importantly 2 meals each day.

Annual Day 2012- Jr. KG

Now in Bangalore, I will have to prepare ‘tiffin’ for school for the very first time and answer that dreaded question every mother faces everyday everywhere in the world- “Mum whats for dabba today”

So Ashok Academy, we say goodbye to you, to Sushmita teacher(nursery) Meghna teacher (Jr. KG) and Kanchan Teacher (Sr. Kg) and dear dear ‘Principal Madam’, who strikes terror in the heart of every student. and here’s hoping VIBGYOR turns out to be as much fun, laughter and adds as much value as Ashok Academy.  Academics come and go and in my opinion, creating confident well rounded youngsters is what schools should do and I have no doubt Ashok Academy is on the right track.

And here’s hoping and praying that VIBGYOR in Bangalore is too.


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