The First Day of the New Year 01/01/2013

OK, how is this day different? Not in any obvious way. I woke up as usual carrying the heavy burden of pending work. Had my regular two cups of coffee.

The sun has risen on 2013

The sun has risen on 2013

Went for my walk very very late. And by chance, found out that they are playing the ‘Top 50’ yearend count down on Radio One. Actually I was contemplating skipping the walk. Had I done that, i would not be listening to the top 10 English tracks of 2012 right now. A and I are sitting together, listening to home.. not in the car…now that is something that has never happened before. So i guess 2013 is not all the same same as 2012. Amen to that.

And one more thing. Important lesson – Don’t skip exercise, you never know what you may learn and it will surely benefit you.

Moving on..

With all the brouhaha over the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series, I purchased all 3. Frankly, I am quite disappointed. I got through the first book with some difficulty. And i have been stuck with the second one for ages. And I have this habit. While reading one book, i feel it is disloyal (?) to switch to another book before finishing one. But New Year’s Eve is best time to break off such ridiculous habits, that hold you back and interfere with your enjoyment of life. So last night, I picked up one of my favorite books for the umpteenth re-read – “PG Wodehouse Uncle Fred in Springtime”. I think this was the very first PGW i read and I was hooked. IMO one of the his very best book. I particularly love the passage between Ricky and his uncle – the Duke of Dunstable, when they are all bonhomie and hearty cheer. Just before Ricky strikes the ‘jarring note’ by asking for 250 pounds for his onion soup bar (!!).

Any case, one bad habit i broke in 2013. You also go ahead and break even more ‘badder’ habits. What say? Lets rock 2013.

BTW reached the top song on the countdown. it is Adele..what a singer..what a voice…


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