52 Weeks 52 Posts – A Commitment in 2013

As we sit on the verge of 2012, waiting for the New Year to dawn, I find myself sitting on the verge of new opportunities and new beginnings. While it is true that no one knows what twists and turns life will take ahead, right now, I am pepped up  to embrace each of those twists and turns and make the best out of it.


For better or for worse, by design or by accident, writing has now become the career path for me. For someone who has background in pharmacy and business management and who loves to write and who believes she has a way with words, this is somehow the ideal career. The hours are long, the pay is pitiful, but still something keeps me going. Perhaps it is all strategy work that I do or the thrill of writing, but whatever it is, it is giving me a high.

The big resolution in 2013 will be earn some more money from this passion

2013 will be for me the year of organization. Organizing, prioritizing and categorizing will be buzzwords for a more productive life in 2013.

An interesting post from WordPress that I read today has made an impact. And I commit to writing 52 posts in 52 weeks. One post a week does not sound too much, does it? And to this I add one shortstory a month and paying features every month. All this of course in addition to kids, A, grocery, shopping, maids and so on and so forth sans P. And in Bangalore. Can I do it? I believe I can. If  I organize and prioritize and delegate.

So here’s to 2013 and here’s to living a more fulfilling life with family, friends and more professional satisfaction than ever before. And of course with stupendous monetary compensation.

2013, i welcome you with all my heart.


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