The Exhilaration of Exercise

No I have not gone crazy. I do think exercise is the best gift one can give one’s body.

I confess fitness had never been an important part of my early life.  I was always pleasantly plump when I was school/college and quite self conscious because of that.  In fact, perhaps, I was actually FAT. But at that point, the concept of being fit just did not exist. There was absolutely no exercise and lots of eating and eating trash. The number of samosas I have had from the neighborhood dairy…forget it, i cant even count that high…

But i digress from the point of this post, which is that exercise that pushes your body to its limits and then some more makes a deep deep impact that cannot be described in words. Having said that, that is precisely what I am attempting here. So I am not to blame if this post makes no sense.  But it was something I felt deeply and wanted to share.

Feel liberated with exercise

For the past year or so, I have been attending the ‘World Dance Center’, which offers a dance based fitness program. I do a lot of things including dance, pilates plyometrics, basically aimed at cutting the flab and strengthening the core.

And on certain days, the impact is unbelievable. It goes beyond fitness. It touches my soul. It is often said that good art (music, dance etc) has this effect on you. But the effect is greater with exercise because you are physically involved in the process. (Music and dance only touch you emotionally or via your senses).

The body is your medium on this earth.  There is so much the body is capable of, if only we give it a chance.

There is something called ‘opening the split’ which is essentially opening up the muscles across the length of your leg. You hold a lunge as low as you can and then go lower still, till your legs are flat on the ground.

Opening the Split

Is it painful? Oh God Yes. And not just for that day, but possibly for the next week, But with pain comes a strange liberation, The body gets free from its self-imposed restrictions. And you get free from your own mental blocks. And the pure exhilaration of having done it is amazing. Of course i could not open my split fully. I am not 16 for Gods’ sakes. But I pushed myself to the maximum.

It was an amazing feeling. And the feeling is still with me in the form of a sharp ache, whenever I attempt to use my legs for any purpose. But would I trade that feeling for anything else? No. I want to push harder next time. I mean it.

Let us stop not taking exercise seriously today. We owe it to ourselves. I am not saying ‘diet’. That is your decision. I am saying ‘lose weight’. That too is your decision. All I am saying is care for your body. Push it and feel the exhilaration.

By achieving something so little, I connected for a few moments with my inner self and with God. I cant imagine the feeling top level athletes and mountain climbers and hikers and all adventure enthusiasts get. Can you?

If this post inspires even one reader to take up exercise or push himself beyond his comfort zone, it would have served its purpose.

On that note take care and keep pushing!