Getting Ready….To Go

usa flag

usa flag (Photo credit: R.Duran)

The purpose of this blog is mainly to capture the wonderful experiences of our forthcoming US trip. Besides the fact that we will have photos, videos and memories within the heart, a little external copy always helps.

I have always wanted to maintain a record of my travels just like Huen Tsang any other historians. I have numerous of those German Remedies note pads, half used, religiously updated the first couple of days (if not the first couple of hours) but no more than that. The creation of this blog will hopefully serve the purpose better.

Now coming to the ‘title’ of this blog. I tried so many. “musings  memories’- cliched but apt and taken. Next was ‘high on life’- i was not the only one with that bright idea. Even the nondescript ‘we travel’ was not available. Finally settled on ‘how far how near’ because it sort of remotely is connected with travel and more importantly was available for free.

I have always felt travel is the best thing that can happen to you. The exposure, the education, the excitement, the energy and the exhaustion cannot come from elsewhere. Our world is beautiful The more we explore it , the more we live.

Here is to many many more explorations and so many more stories associated with them. This is for Abhinav and Kaamya to cherish when they grow up and to share with their own children.

Let us embark on the journey called life. How far or how near does not matter… it is the journey that counts…..

On that note…Bon Voyage to me…and us


One thought on “Getting Ready….To Go

  1. this is a good idea to keep us posted on your travels. Do update your blog every day with the details and photos and even videos if possible. At least include one photo per blog. Wish you and Anand and the kids happy holidays!

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